Android App Manual

Quick start

Connecting the application to the device Radiacode

Before starting to work with the device, make sure that the power of the device is turned on.

When you start the application for the first time, it will automatically open . You can connect to the device via Bluetooth and USB interfaces. To connect the device to a phone/tablet via USB, you need to use an On-The-Go (OTG) cable.

Warning! To connect the RadiaCode device to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you do not need to perform the device pairing procedure via your smartphone's Bluetooth settings. You do not need to enter any connection codes either.


Tap the “Bluetooth” label. If Bluetooth is not enabled in your phone, the application will ask you to enable it. Confirm that you allow the app to turn on Bluetooth. If your phone does not support Bluetooth version 4.0 (Android OS version is less than 6), a corresponding message will be displayed. The device cannot be operated with such a telephone via the Bluetooth interface.

Additionally, the app requires location access permission to function. This is a requirement of the Android OS to work with Bluetooth Low Energy.

Soon, the device name will appear in the “Choose device” field. “Radiacode-10X”. This means that the application has found the device via the Bluetooth interface. Detection may take some time. Leave the “Remember selected device” checkbox enabled, and subsequently the application will connect with the device automatically. If the application does not find the device for a long time, try following .

Tap the “OK” button at the bottom of the screen. Will open . Communication with the device will be established and the device will be initialized, which will take a few seconds.

Once initialized, the application will continuously receive data from the device, even if there is another application in the foreground. The activity of the application is indicated by the icon in the notification area of the phone/tablet:


If you lower the notification curtain, you can see that the current values of the count rate and dose rate are displayed in the information field of the device:


Tapping this field in the curtain opens the application Radiacode.

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