Map and tracks

Pseudo tracks

A pseudo track is a track generated by the application based on the dose rate data that was written to the database when the option is enabled .

To build a pseudo-track, select the desired point on the graph or the desired entry in the
and make a long tap on the screen. A dropdown menu will open. Select the “Show on the map” item in it (it will be available only if the above option was enabled during the measurement and the application received location data from the system). You will be prompted to select time limits for creating a pseudo track:

The map will open, it will display the markers that fall within the selected time interval. It should be taken into account that not operational, but already processed data are entered into the database, which come from the device with a frequency that depends on the current radiation situation. For small changes in dose rate values, data is received at a frequency of approximately 2 minutes, with sharp changes, data is received more frequently. When creating a pseudo track, all map settings are taken into account and the same decimation and filtering algorithms are applied as when building a regular track.

The pseudo track displayed on the map can be saved in the tracks library using the button on the toolbar:

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