Precautionary measures

Read the operating instructions before using the device.
Protect your device from extreme temperatures (below -20 °C or above 45 °C). Too high or too low temperatures reduce the storage capacity and shorten its service life.
Do not use defective chargers.
Do not grip the device strongly in your hand, press the buttons lightly.
Avoid getting the appliance wet. Moisture can cause serious damage to the device. Moisture penetration into the device will void the manufacturer's warranty.
Do not use or store the device in dirty areas.
External shocks and rough handling can seriously damage the electronics of the device.
The action of the electromagnetic field can damage the device. Avoid exposing the device to strong electromagnetic fields.
Electronic and household appliances, cordless telephones can interfere with the operation of the device.
If you brought the package with the device from frost to a warm room, leave it warm for two hours without opening. Otherwise, moisture condensation may cause malfunction of the device.
Handle the device with care, the display is made of glass and can be broken if not handled carefully.
Do not disconnect the device from the computer while the firmware is being updated. An attempt to disrupt the download process may lead to a malfunction of the device, which must be rectified only at the service center.
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