Display modes


Monitor mode is designed to represent the dose rate or count rate. When the device is turned on, it starts to work in this display mode.
In the Monitor display mode (see also Display units), the screen represents:
status bar - at the top;
vertical graphic scale of the dose rate or count rate - at the left;
numerical value of the dose rate or count rate with its error level - at the center and on the right.
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All incoming data is accumulated and analyzed. When a change in the radiation environment is detected, dosimeter starts a new interval of data accumulation. In the absence of changes in the radiation environment, data averaging continues in order to increase the reliability of the assessment.

If any of the alarm thresholds for the dose rate or accumulated dose level is exceeded, the corresponding alarm will be triggered. To stop the dose rate alarm, place the device in location with a normal background radiation level. Then, you need to confirm that you have received the alarm with a short press on the round button.

There is a standard information of Display modes on the right side of status bar.
The following information is shown on the left side of status bar:

Current time

Radiation sensor temperature
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Using buttons
The following quick control options are available in this mode by using the buttons:
short press on the swing button "up" switches between the display types of photon radiation intensity - dose rate or count rate;
long press on the swing button "up" global turns on and off the sound signaling.

Setting alarm thresholds
Using the menu, you can set two alarm thresholds for the dose rate level. If the level of the alarm threshold is exceeded, a pulsating sign will be displayed in the status bar:

- for Alarm 1;

- for Alarm 2.
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