Measurement of sample activity in a container

Measurement procedure

IMPORTANT: To determine the activity of loose and watery materials, it is necessary to give them a standard shape by placing them in a special container (containers are not included in the device delivery set and are purchased separately). At the moment, the program calculates activity, when using multiple containers:

0.5l Marinelli container
60ml container
100ml container

To measure the mass of the container and sample a balance with an accuracy of at least 1 g will also be required.

1) Charge the device to at least 50% capacity and using the generate a background spectrum set. When obtaining the spectrum, the device shall always be in the same place where the activity measurement will be carried out. To improve the measurement accuracy, it is recommended to obtain spectra for at least 8 hours, and if possible - a day or more. Save the acquired spectrum to the with the name “Background Date/Location” or similar.
2) Open the “Activity” tab of the application and in the dropdown list of the “Geometry:” line select the container used.
3) In the dropdown list of the “Product:” line select the product type.
4) In the “Weight:” line enter the weight (net) of the sample. For this:
measure the weight of the empty container with the lid;
fill the container with the sample to capacity, having previously crushed, dried or pressed the sample;
close the lid and measure the mass of the container with the sample;
calculate the mass of the sample by the difference between the obtained values, and enter the result in the “Weight:” line (the program allows entering a value with an accuracy of 0.1 g).
5) In the “Background:” line select the previously obtained background spectrum.
6) Place the turned on device on the sample.
If a 60 ml container is used, place it on a horizontal surface with the lid up. Place the device on the container so that the “+” sign of the back cover of the dosimeter is located strictly above the center of the container lid. In this case, the other side of the device shall rest on some object of the same height as the container (for example, a second container of the same size).
If a Marinelli container is used, then place the device in the open cavity of the container with the USB connector facing out and the “+” sign inward.
7) At the bottom of the “Activity” tab, in the spectrum histogram display area, click the button with the triangle icon to start the measurement.
8) Perform measurements until the values of the minimum detectable activity (MDA), as well as the measurement error, reach the values that suit you.

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