Android App Manual

If the application cannot find the device...

There may be situations, when the application cannot connect with the device via Bluetooth or the connection with the device is unstable. In this case:
Make sure that the Radiacode app is allowed to access the location in any mode. This is a requirement of the Android system for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to work in the background.
If the app reports that it needs all the permissions requested, even though permissions have already been granted, restart your smartphone.
Turn off Bluetooth in your smartphone and turn it on again.
Turn off Bluetooth in the device via its menu and turn it on again:


Reportedly, some models of smartphones may have interference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, so you can try turning off Wi-Fi in your smartphone. The effect appears in particular on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10.
If other Bluetooth devices are connected to your smartphone, disconnect them.
If possible, check the operation of the application with the device on another smartphone. According to our statistics, connection problems most often occur on Huawei smartphones and related models.
Check the power-saving settings for the Radiacode app in your smartphone settings.
If the app says that it needs to provide all the permissions, even though they are already provided, restart your smartphone.
There are reports that on later versions of the Android system, communication with the device may be temporarily interrupted at intervals of about 10 minutes. If this is the case, you can try the following:
Turn on developer mode in the smartphone settings. You can find how to do this on the Internet.
Go to the "For Developers" settings, find there the following settings and set them as shown in the picture:

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