Main Screen

Graph settings

Graph settings are accessed with the button
. The counting rate and dose rate graphs have the same settings, individual for each graph.

The width of the window for averaging operational data, when displayed on graphs: time, over which the device averages operational data (operational data is displayed on the graphs in gray). Such averaging is performed by the device, serves only to display operational data and is not related to data processing by the device, as a result of which the values displayed by color graphs are calculated. Choosing a wider window results in a smaller peak amplitude.

Y-Axis Scale: selection between linear, logarithmic and square root scales. You can also switch the scale by double-tapping the corresponding graph.

Y-axis zoom mode:

Across the entire range: minimum and maximum values of the Y-axis data is calculated over the entire range of data available to the application. In this mode, the digitization of the Y axis does not change, when scrolling the graph horizontally.
By visible area: minimum and maximum values of the Y-axis data is calculated from the plot of data shown on the graph. When scrolling through the graph, as well as when new data from the device is received, these values will change.
Disabled: autoscale mode disabled. For autoscaling see .

Display alarm events 1/2: One can turn off the display of vertical colored lines on the dose rate graph, which correspond to the moments when alarms occur.

Graph settings:

Always connect graph points with a line: Connect adjacent points on the count rate and dose rate graphs with lines.

Connect lines if time distance is less than (hh:mm:ss): If two adjacent points on the graph are separated from each other by more than the specified time, they are not connected by a line and there will be a gap on the graph:

Graph line thickness: you can choose the thickness of the graph lines, in conventional units.

Values font size: you can select the size of the digits for the count rate and dose rate, in conventional units.

History of the dose rate indicator: You can select the time interval for which the blue zone will be displayed in the dose rate indicator. The blue zone shows the boundaries where the dose rate value was in the given time interval. If you select "Last .... minutes" option, the blue zone boundaries are updated every minute. If the real-time dose rate value coming from the instrument exceeds the current limits, the limits are updated according to the current value.

Buttons and dose rate indicator: you can choose between two layouts of the page with graphs: on one layout the control buttons and the graphical dose rate indicator are on the right side of the graphs, on the other one - on top, which gives the graphs more horizontal space. This option works only for the portrait orientation of the screen, with the horizontal orientation the buttons are always displayed on the right side.

Disable scaling and shifting of graphs along the Y-axis: do not switch to the mode of manual scaling of graphs along the Y-axis, when trying to shift graphs up/down and scaling with a vertical “pinch”.
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