Android App Manual


Device selection is available through the navigation menu (icon in the upper left corner of the screen). The device selection page is displayed:


It supports operation with devices connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth and USB. By choosing “Demo”, you can get acquainted with the application operation in the demo mode - you do not need a device for this. In the demo mode, the application operates with a virtual device.

When you select an interface, the application scans the environment and detects devices available for connection. The “Choose Device” field displays a list of detected devices. In the “Demo” mode, the virtual device is always available.

If for a long time the application does not find the device via the Bluetooth interface, try following .

Option “Remember selected device” instructs the program not to display the device selection page before starting work, if the selected device is turned on and the program was able to detect it.

After connecting the device via Bluetooth, the application takes some time to establish connection with the device and initialize it.
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