Device Features

Instant reaction to changes in the radiation environment thanks to embedded detector based on CsI (Tl) scintillator and solid-state silicon photomultiplier in conjunction with an adaptive software processing of incoming data.
Providing continuous assessment of the radiation environment, the results can be viewed on display at any time the device is turned on.
Measurement results can be viewed in form of dose rate, count rate, accumulated dose and energy spectrum of absorbed photon radiation.
Measurement results can also be transferred to a computer or a smartphone and can be saved in external cloud storage.
Binding of measurement results to coordinates of a research area, displaying the results on Google maps (when connected to smartphone).
Long-lasting standalone operation from built-in Li-Pol battery – up to 500 hours.
Large volume of built-in non-volatile memory – up to 1000 hours of a standalone registration;
Parameters for assessing the detected ionizing radiation can be viewed in various units: Sv (Sievert), R (Roentgen), CPS (counts per second), CPM (counts per minute).
Measured dose rate value is displayed along with its error level.
Dose rate, count rate and accumulated dose are displayed with an additional graphic scale.
Alarm sound and vibration signaling – both on dosimeter and a smartphone.
Additional alarm light signaling on dosimeter.
Display backlight with automatic turn-on in darkness.
Automatic rotation of display image according to device orientation.
Increased splash and dust protection of dosimeter case – class IP64.
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