Contols and indication


Dosimeter RadiaCode-101 has an intuitive menu system and is controlled by three buttons (see image below):

round button for turning on and confirming;
swing button "down";
swing button "up".

There are two types of pressing the buttons: short and long (at least two seconds).
A long press on the round button [1] is used to:
turn on the device,
call up the menu.
A short press on the round button is used to:
unlocking and locking the swing buttons;
return from the main menu to the display mode;
confirming the selection of the highlighted menu item;
switch between options.

A short press on the swing "up" and "down" buttons [2, 3] is used to:
moving between menu items;
setting numerical values.
A long press on the swing "up" and "down" buttons serves different purposes in different cases. In the menu, a long press on the swing "up" and "down" buttons leads to a quick selection of items. In the display modes, a long press on the "up" button turns on and off the sound signaling.

The swing buttons are automatically locked after 5, 10, 15 or 30 seconds of inactivity, the time to auto-lock depends on the settings.
The swing buttons can be unlocked by briefly pressing the round button [1]. This will turn on the backlighting of the screen, if it is enabled (in the device settings). In sufficient light, the backlight will not turn on in Auto mode.
A detailed description of how to use the buttons in different modes can be found in the sections Menu, Display modes and Device settings.
Sound and vibration accompanying button presses can be separately disabled and enabled through the menu, see Signals.
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