Standalone usage

Battery charging

To charge the battery:
plug the USB cable to the connector located at the end of the device ([14] in the general view);
plug the USB cable to the connector of a computer or a special charger;
leave the device connected to the charging source until it is fully charged.
The indicator of the activity of the charging process is the glowing of the blue indicator ([18] in the general view). If the device is turned on, then the screen displays the icon ([3] in the general view). At the end of the charging procedure, the blue indicator will turn off and the icon will change to the sign of power supply from an external source.
Pay attention to the charge indicator icon while using the device. If the charge indicator is empty , then connect the device to the charger.

Attention! Use only dedicated chargers or a computer USB port to charge the device. Connecting the device to the wrong charging source may damage it. A device damaged as a result of improper charging is not eligible for warranty repair.

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