Android App Manual

App widgets

If you don't know what a widget is and how to put it on your smartphone's desktop, look on the Internet for help.

Application Radiacode app provides several widgets:

Indicators widget

Vidgets 1.png

This widget can only be resized horizontally. The right side with the battery, temperature and Bluetooth signal strength is only displayed if there is enough space for it. The red square in the lower left corner means that the .

The indicator widget is updated approximately every two seconds.

Device screen widget

Vidgets 2.png

This is a screenshot of the device screen, which is updated every two seconds. When an alarm occurs, the widget can be updated more frequently. You cannot change the size of the device screen widget.

Spectrum widget

Vidgets 3.png

This widget displays the spectrum graph in the form that corresponds to the settings of the in the app itself. The spectrum widget is updated at the interval specified for automatic spectrum updates in the application, but, unlike the application, the spectrum widget is always updated automatically. The size of the spectrum widget can be changed without restriction.


Touching the widget launches the app Radiacode.

When you exit the Radiacode app normally, it notifies the open widgets that the device is disconnected from the smartphone, and the widgets display a corresponding inscription. If you exit abnormally, for example, when "swiping" an application in the screen of running smartphone applications, the Radiacode app may not receive any notifications from the system. In this case, widgets will display the latest information received from the application, although the application is no longer in smartphone memory.

The Radiacode widgets are updated quite often, which, by default, is not provided by the system. So far, no negative effects of frequent widget updates have been detected.
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